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1993, two years after Photoshop 1 and two years before Toy Story 1, computers were starting to change everything, and amongst the things destined to be transformed forever was Arts.

At this early point, a group of young talented artists and computer enthusiasts  were too excited about the possibilities that lies ahead, and at the same time, worried that technology might overshadow the essence of what makes a picture, a song or even a building beautiful and meaningful to us.

From this simple yet insightful notion, a team was born, a handful of friends, amongst them architects, musicians, photographers and computer programmers, a real fellowship was formed, and instantly, we went on a journey, an adventure to chase technology to the limit, to keep exploring and pushing the envelope, while always be true to art and beauty, and ArtWare was the name to summaries our vision, it is what we called a piece of art made on a piece of software.

The adventure turned out to be larger than we expected and the possibilities were enormous, in a short amount of time, we were making "digital arts" in a variety of applications like architecture, media, Films and music.

20 years later, ArtWare is leading digital arts studio in the Middle East, with three active departments, Architecture, Media and Audio, inspiring a generation of artists, and touching an audience of millions through TV productions, films and music.

Since 2005, ArtWare co-established the Film Network, a prestigious network of studios dedicated for the creation of the higher possible images and sounds, with members in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, with new operations in Qatar and UAE.

The greatest thing was and still is the adventure itself, a fulfilling learning experience and a creative journey that we still enjoy, everyone at ArtWare is on a quest to discover the boundaries of the visual and the acoustic.

We were privileged to work with renowned international agencies, premium clients and brands and world class partner, every challenge was an opportunity for us to push technology further and discover more ways to move and inspire people.

Today we are starting a new even bigger adventure, with new office in Abu Dhabi, a new operation in Doha and premium partnerships and projects all around the region.

ArtWare Corp is committed, now more than ever, to Create inspiring, memorable, expressive, vibrant, ingenious images and sounds.

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