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TV commercial, launching a new dairy brand, beautiful visuals and an emotional feel, shot on 35mm.

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Symbolic, Dreamy, Inspirational, Emotional and Patriotic, These are the words that best describes this TVC.

Our mission was to create a very emotional film which can relate these feelings to the audience, beautiful images and setups along with a strong voice over was produced to fulfill this mission.

Experience an emotional ride through the vast beautiful Syrian landscape and nature, from open grasslands to sunflower fields, from the apple farms to the cow farms, all is be captured in sync with the action created for each set, be it a simple reactions of talents, or their dynamic actions, the camera was there to capture the moment in a natural way.

We decided to use the hot summer sun hit the lens and give this dream like qualities of flares and over exposures, this artistic decision influenced to whole film, resulting in a beautiful and emotional feel, along with the gorgeous countryside “AlGhab” province, and a lovely cast of children, adding more touch to an already delightful film.

This commercial was intended to launch a completely new brand in the market, and it was hugely successful in positioning it in the heart of the audience from day one.


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  • Credits

  • Client: Rihana Industries
  • Agency: JWT
  • Director: Issam Hussaini
  • DOP: Dory Aoun
  • Producer: Osama Said
  • VFX Supervisor: Ammar Alani
  • Music: Hazem Alani
  • Duration: 0:47
  • Production Year: 2010

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