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Bonella Noodles

Cooking is an art form, and so is making a films serving noodles.

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Why does food look so much better in the ads than in real life? Well, maybe the fact that this ad took 5 professional artists 3 full days to shoot and a two weeks to finish may answer the question.

It is a long, delicate and daunting process that involve great amount of technology and artistry, it includes a talented food stylist, a professional director of photography, the finest cinematic lenses and optics money can buy, special high speed cameras that shoot up to 2000 frames per second in stunning resolutions, carefully composed music track, editing and finally wicked computerized retouching and color grading magic.

So, in a nutshell, this is not food from real life, it’s a work of art, one that we really enjoy and excel at.

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  • Credits

  • Client: Bonella
  • Director: Osama Said
  • DOP: Dory Aoun
  • Producer: Osama Said
  • Music: Hazem Alani
  • Duration: 0:33
  • Production Year: 2013