Arab Culture Capital

Celebrating Damascus as the capital of Arab culture.

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2008, Damascus was celebrated as the capital of Arab culture, and the agency JWT proposed a brilliant concept of using the Arabic alphabet as a carrier of culture through time, civilizations and geography, while tapping on several cultural facets like literature, music, dance, art…

Exploring Damascus, the oldest living city in the world, was both fascinating and hard, a city so rich, it is hard to sum up in 45 seconds.

The film was shot on 35mm in various locations in Damascus, colored using davinci 2K, editing, music and finishing was all accomplished at ArtWare Corp Studios.

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  • Credits

  • Client: Minister of Culture
  • Agency: JWT
  • Director: Ammar Alani
  • DOP: Dory Aoun
  • Producer: Osama Said
  • VFX Supervisor: Hashem Alshaer
    Elias Saliba
  • Music: Hazem Alani
  • Duration: 1:08
  • Production Year: 2008