• Windows of the soul

    Narrated by Arab star Jamal Suleiman, Windows of the soul is a one hour long documentary, a visual, musical and emotional journey through the Syrian history and its huge contribution to civilization as we know it. 25 shooting days around Syria, production. More
  • Rihana

    TV commercial, launching a new dairy brand, beautiful visuals and an emotional feel, shot on 35mm. More
  • Mariam

    ArtWareCorp get involved in the production and post production of a new feature film, including some stunning visual effects. More
  • Arab Culture Capital

    Celebrating Damascus as the capital of Arab culture. More
  • Syria Drama

    Generics and IDs for a satellite channel specialized in drama films and series. More
  • Seles Juice

    Sometimes, a simple hangout at the mall can put you in troubles. More
  • The Dummies

    A public awareness film tackling the problem of domestic violence. More
  • Bonella Noodles

    Cooking is an art form, and so is making a films serving noodles. More
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The cinematic experiences we helped bringing to the big screen, as production & post production.




Creating memorable and effective images and sounds, for acknowledged local and international brands.


Animation & VFX

Animation & VFX

The magic of visual effects, 3D and 2D animatioon, with near 20 years of experience.


Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Vivid, dynamic and expresive designs in motion, for TV channels generics, corporate films and more.

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About ArtWare Corp

  • ArtWare Corp is a creative digital arts production house, with over 15 years of experience and 3 distinct departments; Architecture, Media and Audio, our diverse and capable team has been providing businesses of all sizes with memorable TV commercials, documentaries, architectural projects, music and much more.


  • ArtWare Corp has been awarded the golden star at the 19th International Quality Crown Convention - part of the annual program of B.I.D., Business Initiative Directions Awards - for Excellence and Business Prestige held in Paris.

    Since its inception almost three decades ago, B.I.D. has been the leading organization worldwide in promoting quality culture in top businesses, Quality Awards are presented on the basis of principles similar to those of the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, who present the Deming Award to Japanese based companies; the Baldrige program, which awards U.S. base companies...

ArtWareCorp is a member of The Film Network; a prestigious network of studios dedicated for the creation of the higher possible images and sounds.



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  • ArtWareCorp and The Film Network to start operating at the GGC in 2013, through its new offices in Abu Dhabi 2454, and in Doha

  • Mariam wins first prise in Morocan film festival, the 2 hours long feature film...

  • ArtWareCorp awarded the golden star at Paris 19th International Quality Crown Convention


Contact us

  Syria: +963-11-6625270
      Qatar: +974-44678636
       UAE: +971-2-4456601
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.